Live to Eat

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Do you live to eat or eat to live? A bit of a cliché but I do find people are one or the other. I live for food. I am one of those people that dreams of what to cook for dinner on the way home from work. When travelling abroad, and away from a kitchen, I get itchy fingers and yearn to be back at a chopping board after a few days. And the acid test, I feel, is when cooking for one. I always go to the same lengths for just me as I would when cooking for others. And I even chose a profession connected to food so I could talk about it all day…


Right now a lot of my energy goes into my bento or daily packed lunch. The school meals look pretty good but teachers have to show an example by eating everything. As a non-meat eater I would not be that proper example, so bring lunch in each day. 
I have got into a rhythm with preparing my bento and while it consists mainly of leftovers and can’t possibly compare to the artfully presented Japanese lunch boxes, opening my bento each lunch time is one of the, if not the highlight of my working day. 
My husband can’t understand why I spend so long preparing bentos for my son and I each evening – he loves to eat but I’m not sure if he fully falls in the ‘lives to eat’ camp. I’ve come to see my bento as a form a self-care, an anchor point, because I live to eat. 

How I have ended up doing my bento

I have three stainless steel boxes from a 100 yen shop. Each day I put roughly the same kind of thing in each one, having designated boxes makes it easier to organise my lunch. (Of course I break my own ‘rules’ all the time and use different boxes some days)
  • The large circular one is for raw: salad or coleslaw, plus seeds or nuts 
  • The small circular one is for grains, usually rice but sometimes pasta or quinoa (when I can find it). I also add protein to this box sometimes. 
  • The rectangular one is for cooked vegetables and / or pickles and protein: fish, beans, tofu or egg. 
I try to go for roughly 50% vegetables, 25% protein, 25% grain – I know this doesn’t suit everyone but it works for me.



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